How to check if my theme idea is unique

Hi all,

I had an idea about a wordpress theme and I consider to start implement this idea in order to upload it in themeforest. However as I read in some forum topics many themes were rejected from envanto reviewers because they considered as not unique. I m wondering how I can check if my theme is considered unique before start consuming development hours? How can I check over 8000 uploaded themes to see if something similar is already available in the market?

If the idea is unique then the basic search should be a solid place to start.

Otherwise you can share the concept idea here and there are several community authors and buyers who should be able to advise also.

I appreciate you will probably be less keen on sharing it as the risk of someone copying the idea but with all due respect:

  • describing a concept is not really enough for anyone to go on alone if they did want to try and use an idea

  • it’s pretty rare or unheard of for even the best authors to come up with something that is worth developing and simultaneously completely unique to here or not done before.

Bear in mind also that the “uniqueness” rejections are not so much about styles of sites, It’s more that some submissions were too close in design, execution or features to existing items and hence were rejected.

There are thousands of one page themes available - envato won’t now reject any more which are submitted, as long as they have a visual design, UX, functionality etc. That is bespoke and fits the design and doesn’t just look like an existing file with some different images, colours and text.

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Hi charlie,

So you suggest to post a mockup with theme snapshot here before start coding?

I m pretty sure that my theme I m going to develop is unique but there is so much diversity in the themeforest that I m really afraid the reviewer’s point of view.

Are you worried about the concept ie a restaurant theme, construction, etc can you describe it?

Or are you concerned about the actual design itself?

As you rightfully said there are so so many that based on mock ups it’s going to be pretty hard to notice (unless it’s clearly inspired by one of the big themes).

As mentioned there’s no issue with any “type” or “category” of theme as long as the design and functionality is original and our own work.

Yes as you mention the design itself is the main factor for the theme uniqueness, not the theme concept.

I;m confident that my theme’s design will be unique so I will start coding.

It will be useful though a pre-review step where a reviewer would evaluate the progress of the theme and if it is worth for the final submission. Would save a lot of hours.

Thanks for the advice

You can always share it as you go here.

I feel the review process as it is, makes for a challenging environment. There are tens of thousands of submissions monthly so I fear adding another level would only make it it non feasible. Plus even with feedback quite a few authors may not be able to action that effectively which would make it redundant.

Good luck with your project

P.s you could PSD it first and see if that gets approved? There’s no guarantee that would mean WP would get through but it’s a good indication.

Probably you are right. I can guess how many themes are being submitted
daily. I hope mine to be accepted once it will be completed.

Thanks again