How to change wrong price on VideoHive item

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Some time ago I had a bunch of products uploaded in 1080p, and I updated the source files to UHD (which is dumb since I didn’t do a new upload with UHD file, which I’m doing now). The price had a negative impact on sales, so I decided to downgrade them back to 1080p, and then upload separate UHD-files. Sort of on hassle, I know, but now it seems to be problematic for me to get product changed back to it’s respective pricing. The source files are now in 1080p, but the price is still at UHD. Would you people have any ideas on how I could get the price back to 1080p? I had a hard drive breakdown sometime ago, and the source files went with it, so the 1080p file is only version which exists of that product. It seems that Envato does not read the item update comments, and I did not find a send ticket link anywhere to ask them that way to turn the price down. Thanks for any help!

Item link:

Popping up if someone would have advices about this!

You have to write to support. They will change it to correct price.

Hey, thanks for the reply. Do you happen to know how I can contact support? I couldn’t find the ticket submitting thing anywhere when I looked.

Hey, Nice shot it deserve the current price $25 not the down grade price…

I have drone shots at 2K format was thinking of sending it in 1920 but I waited and see it was slow at first 2 months of no sale then when it pick up it was worth it…
Sometimes if you know that your work is good go with the best price then after a few months you can put up additional 1920 size…

Good luck…!!!

Thanks df3duy for the link!

Thanks LV4260, I appreciate your comment, but since all of the other 1080p shots of Northern Lights I have, have the 1080p price, thought this should be as well, since the UHD Northern Lights footage I have are of that 25 USD price.