how to change theme icons, wheelsberry car rental.

how to change icons and words of the theme, wheelsberry car rental. icons of door, passengers, air conditioning, type of fuel and others, the subject is very good but if I can not change, it is little profecional.


Have you tried asking the author of that theme? Here is their support information -


hello send me to a forum, but I can not find

Maybe I’ll loop in @mopc76 to see if they have a suggestion on how to access their support forum.

@victorraulnavarro , please reach out to us via support forum (there is a huge green button “Login with Envato” on the center of the screen, which should be clicked to access forum) or contact form on our profile page.

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hello, they have a chat! I go to the forum but please can you tell me in what specific place I find what I need. I can talk to someone through the mail! This is my E-mail: I thank you I am losing a lot of time and the term that I have of delivery of the web is soon to meet I will have problems, I just need that to change the icons