How to change the band at the top that contains the page name?

I’m trying to customize a WordPress theme. I’m afraid I’m not a really experienced Web editor but I’m even less knowledgeable about WordPress. I’ve read the instructions included with the site and have been going around in circles trying to modify the top of the “About Us” page (for instance.) There is an included picture called “background-6.jpg” upon which “About Us” in superimposed. I found that picture in the image folder, and I created a picture with the exact dimensions and uploaded it to the website manually and substituted the file by that name on the site but it didn’t change anything.

Clearly I need to work from within the WordPress app but I don’t get how this works. Is there a tutorial about this anywhere? Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @kdrew098,

Welcome to the forums! It all depend on the structure of your theme. Most likely images are provided from internal theme directory, so uploading another image file to your “Media” library won’t change anything.

You may want to get in touch with theme author for a hint, or look for a professional service on Envato Studio.