How to change just the preview set?


Hi there!

I’m thinking about doing some tweaks to my products preview images. But I’m wondering if there is a way I could just change them without reuploading the main file again. I ask this because my items are big size files and reuploading them would be a very slow process.

Maybe there is an option where I can stablish to keep the main file as the already uploaded, and upload just the new preview images set.

If there is not an option like this, I think that it would be a pretty interesting feature to add, because the revision process would be more efficient (less things to check) and the authors would take more control of their visual presentation, resulting in a more attractive market (at least in the visual/packaging way).



Hi, Am also thinking to change my item preview image set.


I would like to have that kind of option also


Add this option will be very good and the time savings will be.


When you edit an item, you just upload the elements you want changed, you don’t need to upload everything again.


Really? Well thats great! But if it is like that, I believe that it should be clarified somewhere in the edit section because it is not clear. A note with a simple message like yours would be enough.


You can update just the thumb if you want (and I have found that the thumb doesnt requires the review although it is in “must be reviewed” section).

My question is if the update mail notification to customers comes only when the main file is updated or with every update. Any experience with this @SpaceStockFootage ?