How to change item category when auto update is enabled?


Hello everyone!:grinning:
I wish to change category of my AudioJungle item but it seems like nobody will read the message I created when Automatic Update is enabled. I didn’t want do change anything within the files but only the category it was uploaded to. Only reviewer can do it - there is no option to do it from Dashboard. The info says: “Your changes were saved” but nothing changed since I wrote only message to reviewer. Auto Update is great feature but I guess nobody will read the message, right? …:slight_smile:
Please tell me how to do it?
Best Regards!


If anyone have any ideas please share or maybe someone experienced this already? Only thing that comes to my mind is to open a support ticket but it actually denies Auto Update idea…which should make things faster😀


I opened a support ticket. And my item category was changed in a few days (maybe 1 day, I don’t remember exactly).


Thanks for letting me know :+1:. Best regards!


Auto Update idea…which should make things faster​


There is a official info that changing category is only possible through Help Team and there is no plan to add this feature to Automatic Item Approval: Automatic Approval of Item Updates