How to change Gmail account linked to Envato Account?

Hi people,

Currently my account is linked to a Gmail business account, the issue is I never renewed this domain so now I no longer have access too that email address, right now its still letting me login using the credentials for that gmail account but ideally I want to disconnect the current gmail account linked and connect a new one.

I have tried doing the above myself but I am getting no where, it will let me disconnect it but then only way to log in is using the same credentials again. So I seem to be going around and around in circles.

I have tried contacting support and explaining to them that I know longer have access to the email and I need them to respond to me on my new email but I never receive and reply, I would guess their reply is going to the email I no longer have access too.

So how do I fix this? Is there another way of me contacting support from my new email without going through the contact form on the website?

Thanks in advance

Hi @jules_simpson,

I hope this article will help you.