How to change an item ???

I purchased an item from codecanyon but is that one I was looking for , I want to change and purchase a correct one please

“Mistakenly purchased” is not a good reason to ask refund but have you downloaded the item, as first? If you haven’t, you may request a refund

But why after purchase my account show account locked ???


Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your account. Please Get in touch with Envato Market Support ASAP via this link

In the ‘Tell us more’ dropdown select:
‘My account is locked’

Also you should check this help articles:


The item dont have functions as explained is for that I think it is a mistake , I need an other one with demo and test free before to buy;

I ready get one there

You can’t test it before buying it, there’s a live website ( in most cases ) that you could check the item before purchase but here I believe you have another problem that you need to solve it with support ( to get your account back )

Contact support.

I dont tested it before , because demo link was not working and the features as explained are not all like that

You shouldn’t purchase it before confirming with the author…