How to center images on Envato profile?

Hello guys! Need your help with centering my updated design images. I tried to use Envatitor, but it seems CENTER HTML tag not working for Envato profile. Any ideas how make all images placed in center of profile? Thank you for help.

Pretty sure the profile page width is 616 pixels. If you make your images that width, it should center up. If you upload a PNG, then your image could be composed of the actual picture, and an ‘invisible’ layer that is 616 pixels wide. (I’ve never actually tried that, so it’s just a theory)

Also, If you’re doing search buttons in rows of 3, then make each one 205 pixels wide.

I’m sure there a more sophisticated code process I’m unaware of that would work better.

Thats exactly like i did before… But there is “center” html tag, that works on Envatitor, and not works on Envato. This is madness.

@LumenMedia try this code mate ! Centered Images.pdf (14.8 KB)

Wow, good but not for my case. In my case, all images not centered. Watch it here

then just make a profiler on photoshop and make your own borders ! mine is 616