How to cancel one order?

Hello! I bought two items. For video Social Media Transitions 3D and presentation. The prices were the same. And it turned out that I bought 2 licenses. How do I cancel one purchase?

do you mean you have purchased same item twice (2 license for the same item)?

yes :frowning:
I was in the video section, I needed one product and in the graphic one, I also bought there. The prices are the same. In the purchase window, 2 different lines were shown, in the end I bought 2 licenses. One is enough for me.

Hi @user-mr-templ,

If you purchased same item twice(duplicate purchase) there is a solution just use the following link form to get refund for the duplicate purchase:

Just select ‘I’ve made a duplicate purchase’ in the ‘Tell us more’ field.


I filled out and sent a form about this transaction with a comment that the same thing was bought twice there.

Hope envato support team will assist you soon on this.