How to Calculate Pricing, Support, and Ratings for Authors?

How to Calculate Pricing, Support, and Ratings for Authors?

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for advice on how to calculate the pricing, support, and ratings for authors, specifically regarding the advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Pricing Calculation for Authors:

    • How do you calculate the pricing for items on platforms like ThemeForest and Elements?
  2. Author Advantages and Disadvantages:

    • What are the advantages and disadvantages for authors on ThemeForest compared to Elements?
  3. Choosing a Platform:

    • I plan to sell admin templates. Which platform is better for this purpose, ThemeForest or Elements?
  4. Customer Ratings:

    • Is it possible to have customer ratings on Elements?
  5. Support Mechanism:

    • How does support work for items uploaded to Elements?

Any insights or experiences you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

1.You can not set price for Elements items.

3.There is no support for items on Elements


5.You can not chose ThemeForest or Elements if you will upload HTML / WordPress templates. There is no option to upload them directly on Elements - that mean the items must be first approved on ThemeForest and after that is up to you will you include it on Elements or not.

So, the item (HTML/WP) can be only on ThemeForest or on ThemeForest and Elemenets but not only on Elements.

Consider market demand and competitor pricing when setting prices on ThemeForest and Elements; ThemeForest offers higher visibility for admin templates, while Elements operates without customer ratings and a different support mechanism.

I’m still pretty new myself, but I’ve found some helpful threads on pricing and support. Here are a couple to get you started:

As for choosing a platform, I think ThemeForest might be a better fit for admin templates since it’s an individual item marketplace. Elements is more subscription-based and focused on downloads.

But that’s just my two cents! Hopefully this helps and good luck with your Envato author journey!