How to calculate my earning (2015)?

This is my 2015/03 invoice show info:

sales $57.6
rate 37.5%
amount $21.6

and i check the earnings page, its show total $36

Its very very hard to calculate my earnings because my language skill is not good to read the documentation :frowning:

Can someone just tell me how much i get in withdrawal (paypal) of 2015/03?

Is $21.6 or $36?

Thank for help.

hi are u an exclusive or non exclusive author?

Hello, exclusive author, thank you so much :slight_smile:


Your total sales are $72. Your sales amount shows the item price amount, which is the total list price of sales minus 20%. That’s the $57.60 bit. Minus the author fee of 37.5% and you get $36. Or, in most instances (excluding GraphicRiver sales), you can just calculate it as 50% of total sales.

So where can i see the $72???
Its so hard to calc the total sales for myself…any page show the total of the months sales?
In Earnings and Statements do not show $72 at 2015/03

Thanks all.

And if i create a balance sheet, i should enter $72 for my sales or $57.6?
i know y earning is $36, but what is my sales?

thanks all so much.

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