How to calculate amount?


Today I sale my first item. Item price is $20 but I am received only $7.20

Only item price is $10 in invoice.


Did you fill out your tax information? You might be getting some withholding taxes.


But it my first sale.


Doesn’t matter, you will get taxed on every sale if you don’t fill out a W8 form. Also, to not get charged these taxes, your country needs to have a tax treaty with the US. Read this:



My item price is $20 but $10 item price in invoice.

In Invoice
Item price $10
Support charge $6
Commision - 8.80
Paid $7.20




Already i submit tax information.


Could you please post a screenshot of what you see in your statement?


Please check attachment.


The price you see on your item page (that’s called the “list price” btw) includes:

  • buyers fee which is 20%, and
  • the price of the included support, and that’s 30%.

The amount left is the actual item price, which is 50%. So what you see on your statement is the item price rather than the list price. Buyers fee doesn’t show up in the statement, and the price of the included support has its own row in the statement.

You were non-exclusive, that explains why you received only $7.20.


Ooooh right yeah, non exclusive authors receive a smaller percentage. @hitjariwala, if you want a bigger cut, change your account to exclusive, unless you’re selling the same music elsewhere.