How to build a partnership account in envato market place?

We have been experiencing some lack of legal legislation or process to build a partnership account in envato market place. There are many companies or individuals who have been working for envato market place with more than one ownership. But it is such a critical process to maintain their dual or multiple ownership through a legal way. Because envato already closed down the multiple ownership process by creating tickets for the envato account. However, it is quite difficult to make an agreement paper between the partners for the envato account. Because everything is changeable in envato account, for example the username , email , domain or server are changeable right away.

So I would like to have suggestions or instructions regarding this issue. Please feel free to share your thought or suggestions on how to build a partnership agreement for the envato account.

Well, probably sign agreement and terms outside before partnership and then come to envato having you both partners access on same account. Envato can’t deal with such situation at this stage.