How to bring my three envato accounts into one...?!

I have been using Theme Forest, Code Canyon and now Envato, on and off for the past five years or more. I pop in, pickup a theme or a plugin, and pop out again. It does the job and, generally speaking, I’m happy.

I recently bought the Bridge Theme however, and because Envato didn’t enable me to login with either of my previous accounts during purchase, I had to create a new one. I now have three accounts under one roof therefore, and much as I can understand how difficult it must be to prevent this scenario when acquiring other development businesses and bringing them under one umbrella, I would be grateful if someone can tell me how I go about getting all my purchases and history into one account, please. It would make my life a lot easier, and it must (surely) make sense, for Envato - if that’s the holding brand now…?

Thank you

There’s no way to do it yourself, but if you get in touch with support, they might be able to do it for you. Not sure, how likely it is, but it’s worth a try.

And here is the Help Center link :slight_smile: