How to blog Off line with WPVoyager ?

Hi, I bought the WPVoayger, set up a basic blog and now found out off line editing, using gps positions doesn’t work :frowning The standard WP app on android simply offers standard posting features, but not the WPVoyager fields and functions
Anyone an idea how I could use google maps functionality, i.e. creating posts with GPS markers - off line, on an android device ?
only a few days until I leave towards my road trip, hope to get help before :smile:

Did you read documentation ask developer etc?

nothing about this in documentation, e-mailed the developer today

Answer received from support, obviously I took the wrong route with WP in general.
Off-line blogging isn’t a strength of WP :frowning:

I’m afraid it’s not possible to use Google Maps API services without Internet connection. Also the WordPress native app on Android and iOS doesn’t support any custom meta fields, it’s not only matter of WPVoyager but any theme/plugin that adds something non-standard. "