How to block some user to follow just to be always on TOP of followers?

Just found out an author (I don’t want to tell clearly) who really do a dirty trick and maybe for a long time.
He just follows & then unfollow & follow…etc so he’s always on the top of Followers.
I think he is playing with the system.

Just found this as I accidentally acknowledge a weird situation that my followers just go up & down +1, -1 seems in the day that one new item of us has been approved.
Fortunately, many of our items have been approved this month so I know that undoubtedly “that guy” has been doing the magic maybe for a long time.
Maybe he’s just view every single item approved on the Frontpage, click Follow & Unfollow & Follow, piece of cake, effortless.
If some buyers, accidentally, click on the wrong TAB “Followers” in stead of “Portfolio”, he’s always on the TOP, that’s the good way for brand name awareness raising and get some more portfolio pageview to generate sale, even better to go to comment section and say some cliché “Congratulation, Amazing Works, Good luck with sales” lol. or post a Rooftop in this forum.

To the one who’s doing this:
You are a Featured Author, Elite Author, Weekly Top Seller, has 4k+ sales and believe me you don’t need to do this dirty trick.
if you read this, maybe you know I’m talking about whom, please stop doing this or I’ll report you and tell your name out to the community.

So @BenLeong @matthewcoxy could you create some function like decline/prohibit someone to follow like Facebook? You know I just want to allow someone who really wants to follow me for my products, not for his own black-hack!

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I would personally not stress about this and I can give you a very solid reason. Anyone who has time to do stuff like this is clearly focusing on the wrong aspects of being an author. Exploiting " possible " bugs to your advantage is like trying to get buyers by sending letters to random people.

It is however a weird bug and probably should be taken care of by randomzing the follower list, but still, I doubt anyone can actually expect to get any sales by doing stuff like this ( and if they do, I don’t know how much more low can you strike in the “i’m desperate for sales” department )

Just keep being an awesome author, focus on your buyers and building awesome quality stuff and you’ll most certainly never care about people who do things like these!

My 2 cents. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your kind response. @Enabled

Since our market is operated with a community, with all respect, I never consider authors are competitors, even we are colleagues (at some aspects we all work for Envato,:grinning:) and passionate tech guys trying to earn from doing what we love.
Maybe his trick won’t work as his expectation but at least I make a signal to him that we do.
I feel at ease but at least I send a message to the “you-know-who” guy and give a warning to the bad strategy. #stopignoringbadthings.

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