How to be Hand Picked by videohive reviewers

What things are important in a project on videohive to be Hand Picked by videohive reviewers ?

It seems Hand Picked projects have more chances to sell many times in shorter time.

Which factors can help to be Hand Picked by reviewers ?

Anyone has tips about this subject ?


I think I can chime in on this one.

I’ve been following Videohive for a while now, and I can say from past trends the hand picked Videohive files fall into one of two categories.

For AE template authors, if you have a larger body of work – 40+ items – they will eventually hand pick one of your items to try and help give you a boost. This is also true for stock footage authors, but the body of work obviously has to be significantly higher than 40 items.

The other way Envato hand picks your products is by it being unique and doing unusually well.

This past year, the hand picked files have been pretty balanced in those to categories, but unfortunately template authors and stock footage authors have to share the platform, but that’s another topic.

Don’t be discouraged if you’re not hand picked, the key to success is focussing on the customers – providing awesome templates for them and giving them above and beyond service when they reach out to you.


Thank you ThomasKovar !
Very nice tips :blush:

We hope in future we can have some Hand Picked projects too :blush: