How to be found?

Hey AJ! :smiley: I was checking analytics and I realized that I do not get visits :frowning: I realized that when I have at least 5 visits, get a sale… then my problem is that nobody knows about me! Please tell me what can I do? I Really Think i’m making good music, I’m giving my best Help me please!!
an example:


Same here, visits are always low because there are another 300.000 items :stuck_out_tongue:
Upload regularly mate, and slowly buyers will know you. :wink:

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Did you try put something “inspirational”, “motivational”, “happy”…the kind of popular keywords into track’s name?
I think it might get more views.
As @FASSounds mentioned, upload regularly is the main point.


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Thanks for referring to my posts @Bedros, appreciate it :slight_smile:


Because they are great! :slight_smile:

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You’re awesome @Bedros - and you’ve just inspired and motivated me to share my new freelancing series with the community :smiley:


Thank U! Guys! :slight_smile: time to start!