How to avoid stagnation?

Hi everyone!

A week ago I was really happy cuz I got my first 100 sales and one client bought my track with Music Broadcast Lisence 10 Million. But after that - nothing. And it made me to analyse my business over a period of 3 months. Unfortunately it is stagnating. Sure, I moved off dead center when my portfolio reached more than 30 tracks, and I have about 1 sale per day (except last 7 days) but it seems there is no progress.

Suppose there are people who have or had same situation. They work more, improve quality of tracks, increase portfolio but they don’t see the progress. They like me check AJ account every day, every hour and pray: “All I need is just 1-2 sales!”

So how you guys avoid such business stagnation and pls tell me about your stories of success?

And how to stop thinking about sales if there are no sales and concentrate only on your work?