How To Avoid Hard Rejection

I hope the suggestions from the experts about GR quality requirement. I have submit this BC. Reviewer reject this. Please give me instruction so that I can avoid rejection

Make unique & aesthetic product hope will approved any category of Envato.

Isn’t it unique & aesthetic.

very good question lol if all of us knew , we would make sure that this is not happening by following the “recipe” lol otherwise i do not know whether your item is showed without showing all pictures but this looks strange without the picture on top of the card lol. But , honest, if teher is harmony in what u did, i tend to believe that your rejection is a matter of typo and icon most importantly. The typo is clean but a bit flat / lacking originality and when it comes to icons, i strongly recommend u not to use photoshop generic shapes indeed … maybe bringing a bit relief on the shape would be a cool addition too …

unique but a bit flat all the same , i would rather say harmonious or tasteful rather than truely aesthetic