How to avoid being rejected? Can you give advice please?

How to avoid being rejected? Can you give advice please?
I always take rejected and I’m very bored to this reason.

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You just simply need to keep improving and pushing yourself. Try some new things, be original, don’t just do something similar to someone else because it was approved, do something different. Practice practice practice.


Thanks for the advice, I’ll try, but I think the reviewers will reject again.

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Maybe, but all you can do push yourself to improve.

I had A LOT of rejections when I first started, and yes it was frustrating, but I think it also helped me improve quite a lot. My first 10 or so items were all rejected at least once before getting accepted, and even more that never made it at all. Now I’m at a point where I haven’t had a rejection in years, because I’ve improved quite a lot.


I do not know much here I advise you to offer your job before sending
Taking experienced tips here

thanks :slight_smile:

see a lot of tutorials, think out of the box, inspire from what is working to develop your own style, also find a niche if possible …

I’m also like that. I was going to start perusing another track since I feel like there is so much competition in our field. What I did is I watched so many inspirational artist in youtube just to hype me and now I work in some reputable clients. Rejected is really a part darling :frowning: