How to attract buyers?

I want to ask how to increase sales, in addition to writing quality tracks?
Can anyone share with additional methods.

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Pretend that you are a hot girl in your profile.


Thank you for a hot answer:)
The world still rests on the basic instincts:)

Pizza. Coz everyone loves pizza

It is also a basic instinct? :slightly_smiling:

maybe letting them know you are serious about what you do, and you have quality stuff, im working on it, like having your own domain with your website, and so on, hope it helps

Thank legnazeg!
But I mean, how in general to increase the number of visits-listenings stuff?

no problem, i see, well, i think promoting your stuff outside of envato, sending e-mails, and son on, my humble opinion,

Ok, leganze.
And Where, for example, send e-mails?

ill start in twitter for example, following potencial buyers and leaving them messages if they follow back, also, using the mailing list in your site, i think amazon has a service called SES, and you can send mass e-mails to your subscribed clients, with mailchimp you can send to 2000 subscribers monthly, maybe you can do some advertising as well, hope this can help, at least that’s what im planning to do, best

Hi ARKADIMUS1. Check out this new series of articles from AmigoProductions. It is packed with ideas and supporting information regarding improving your marketing reach. His bottom line suggestion is to use targeted email to potential buyers who subscribe to you (as legnazeg was saying). I plan to take a serious look at this for my next step to improve my sales. Here is the link:

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Thank you leganze! This is a good idea!

Wow! Thank you!
I’ll read it.

hi fellas. how about soundcloud and facebook?

Hi, keso!
Unfortunately, little sense:(

It’s easy! Pick a color and pick a animal… done.

I will change my name into “Purple Panda” (™) soon!

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yeah, no problem @ARKADIMUS1

yeah, soundcloud is a great platform as well, and you can embed your player on your sites, you can advertise on facebook with targeted costumers,