How to approve my first project on graphicriver?

I have submitted 10 times on the graphic river. But every time they reject my item. What should I do to approve my first project?

You are far away from what they are looking for.

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hi this is tasteful indeed, no doubt, but there is a collection of problems here including some very major ones. I would start with evoking contrast

1- contrast
this is a basic design principle and the fact of the matter is that this is a crucial issue insofar as there is a direct impact on many other things in a snowball effect. Contrast issues mean additional problems as regard to exposure, readability and hierarchy. Contrast means that u have to make sure that texts or important elements are actually popping out enough so that there is nothing of the side effects that I mentioned occurring. In the case, as u may understand , the white color text on green is far from super visible and readable, pls see next point
2- readability
of course, due to the lack of contrast, readability becomes a problem and u may wander what is the point of having texts if they hard to read , especially in such a corporate environment and as the product is meant for a template marketplace
3- impact / exposure
needless to say that the contrast issue that I evoke again is the very reason why some of your items or elements and not being given the right exposure and impact and that the global item looks a bit too flat in the end …
4- hierarchy of information
I know that a lot of guys do and that some manage to have their items approved all the same, but the fact of the matter is that having variations of colors in the main title does not necessarily make much sense to say the least as, according to choices u made , the result is this one “your health” is being more valued but “our priority” is not … so that both part look a big disconnected, which is not relevant and it seems to me that “priority” is a key notion that should be emphasized too. Still about hierarchy , indeed, the variation of colors about doctors working around the clock is not making much sense either. We also know that white color is more likely to pop out once printed that on the screen but , let’s face it, the whole service part is supposed to be the kind of thing that the buyer would like to be very readable as this is the services supposed to attract potential customers and thus they must be given enough exposure so that they get noticed and reach the target
5- alignment
this is another of these basic design principles indeed. alignment matters much as such, in particular in the context of a corporate style item meant for a template marketplace … indeed, according to these facts, u can adjust the contents following your needs, in order to make sure that u can align everything properly indeed. Failing to align things at the very best has a negative impact on the way people are feeling about your item, as this results in lacking professionalism if u wish. Here the main point is about the contact block not being aligned with the doctors working in the other side …
6- picture
I am sorry but the picture that u have selected is not selling much, especially as there seems to be sort of a filter on top of it which prevents it from popping out. this is either not blended enough if this is meant to be just a “illustration thing” nor being given the right attention in case the picture was really supposed to be important and illustrate much the activity related to this flyer
7- contact info
this is an important element but not being really treated as such … u have to think a bit as if the item is a “call to action” button in the web and make sure that this is springing out and pushing people into taking their phone and calling, so to speak

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Thank you

Thank you so much.

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u are welcome :slight_smile: