How to allow custom user editing and deleting his own post blog?

I am using Inwavejob theme and I create a post blog form for registered user can post on blog post page. I want to allow the registered user to edit and delete their own post but it doesn’t work. Please anyone can help!

have you tried to give registered user role as ‘Contributor’?

I have added capabilities [delete_published_posts] and [edit_published_posts] to the user “Candidate and Employer” custom user within theme.
Before the user Edit or Delete his post, I check permission it’s ok but when clicking on the link it doesn’t work. Don’t know why.

then something wrong with capabilities permission. you have to follow the contributor capabilities list.

otherwise Envato Studio is a freelancer platform. For doing this job I would certainly recommend one of the freelancer WordPress experts at Envato Studio.


Anyway, I will try again all my best.


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