How to add/update custom parameters in url

Hi Team,

we wanted to pass custom url parameters while calling the player and pass video source dynamically. and some other parameters to configure the player going forward.
the first thing we are trying is the dynamic source to player we are passing custom url.
for example if I pass a custom url videoSrc to ultimate video player like below url

its automatically removing the custom parameter passed in url and updating the url like below

I want to add/update custom url parameters which are being removed automatically when i call the player.

Thank you

Hi Ravikiran!

It appears you are asking for help with an item you purchased. Because this is a technical question, you must contact the author of that item who can give proper advice.

Please see this article for instructions on how to find and contact the author:

If you cannot find them, let us know the name of the item you purchased and someone here can guide you.

Hope that helps!