How to add purchase verifier for Regular & Extended License?

Hi guys we have developed new app & added in app purchase feature in app and we want to offer in app purchase feature for only extended license purchased user. so how to add envato purcahse verifier for regular license user and extended license user?

how can we block to regular license user from using in app purchase feature?

You will need to have a website or server in order to set up a script to verify purchase codes. Assuming you have that, then I have a guide here on the forums that may help you if you’re using PHP:

Then, have the app communicate with your website or server from the app to perform the purchase code verification. Do keep in mind that any of your buyers can easily remove this check from your app.

from where i will get that script?

You have to make it, or use the one I provided in the link above assuming you use PHP for your website/server.

we just want to stop regular license users from using in app purchase feature in app.

Sorry i really don’t know how to do this. there is no any step by step video tutorial?

It’s not that easy mate. You’ve gotta program it, because there isn’t an out-of-the-box solution for this and there’s definitely no video tutorials.

It’s not as simple as dropping some code into your app either. You need a web server for this to work - which means you’ll have to pay for that server forever, unless you want angry customers who can’t use your app because the purchase code verification isn’t working.

And since you’ll need a web server for this to work, your app will need to communicate with that web server. This means your app won’t work offline.

With respect, if you’re not sure where to start for this, you’re going to have an extremely hard time putting it into your app. Start with learning how to make a website with a language like PHP, and then learn how to send HTTP requests from Java/Kotlin if that’s what you’re using for your app.

And even after all that work, all your buyers need to do is remove a few lines of code from your item, and suddenly your purchase code check is disabled and they can use in-app purchases with regular licenses. Is it worth the trouble? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hahahahahah. OMG

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why envato don’t provide web server security features for sellers? they only want to keep sellers commissions that’s it.

It means that both regular and extended license users will use in app purchase feature?

well, thanks for you time :frowning:

They do provide features for this; it’s called the Envato API, and it’s available to everyone freely here:

You just have to be able to apply it to your particular circumstance.

Yeah, but most mobile authors don’t include such protections in their apps and they’re perfectly fine. If it bothers you, just clarify in your item’s description that you need an extended license to charge for the app or to use in-app purchases.

Personally, I think this is something you should worry about in the future once you start gaining a large number of sales and have a diverse portfolio. For now, focus on getting items approved and kick-starting your CodeCanyon career! :slight_smile: