How To Add Picture To Your Profile

Dear friends,

I would like to get from you some help or some greate tips how can I add nice pitures to my profile ? I
I really tryed everything with codes,links what I found on forum from other authors who gave to us some tips but I did not succes.

Please can you explain me how can I do it ?

thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:

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Hello @LukePN!

Do you mean in your profile page? It’s always helpful to use this tool: Envatitor to get the HTML right.

Yes my friend please I used this Envatitor but I did not succes Did I something wrong ?

For example here is uploaded picture at my free website:

I pasted this link to Envatitor:

But when I put this link to my profile it doest not show up :frowning:

I can also see at your profile well done made COLLECTIONS and this is the second problem and I dont know how to make them.

I can do only public collection but COLLECTION seems intersting too but dont know how you made them

Well, you will have to upload the image to a real hosting (Wix is free and I don’t know if you can there) or, as an alternative, upload it to a Dropbox account and copy the link from there.

For the collections, you will find everything in here.


my friend I works !! :))) thanks for a help. I just only would like to get one more help from you about your COLLECTIONS. I have made collections too but you have added picture by picture with full size and when I click on picture it will load me to your page.

How did you connect them together ? that all your collections are showed one by one

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I checked your profile but I don’t see any link in your collections taking them to mine… can you make a screenshot and I’ll check it?

I have my own photo on my profile thanking to your help :)))) I would like to use COLLECTIONS like do you have one by one showed on your page

Here are mine friend.


Ah yeah, you can take this piece of code to create it:


	<p><a href="">
  <img src="">

And change the href value to the URL of your collection and the img src to the URL of your image. Then copy-paste as many times as you want. You will need this size of the images: 600 x 200 :wink:

It works like a baby !!! Thank you so much my friend you are AWESOME !

Happy to help! :slight_smile:

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Snail hello when i upload my image to my dropbox then i put <img src= … the image in my profile it doesn’t show .it show me like " square with ? " what i am supposed to do? Thanks in advance

Dear you need to do these step:

  1. Upload your picture to webhost
  2. Go to Envatitor and make your link
  3. Go to your page and use this link:

As you can see this picture is from my item simply use my link delete “…” and paste your url

let me know if this helps

 <img src="ENTER YOUR LINK HERE" />

Luke thank you very much.I got it thanks for you help :slight_smile:

Hey, sorry for noobish question and revive this old topic. After you get the code from Envatitor, where am I going to paste it?

Ok i think i found it! I have to upload at least 1 item and i will see the rest of the settings.

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Anybody know how to place YouTube embed code with videoplayer on the page (on AudioJungle)?