How to add Google Ads + Google Analytics eCommerce?

Hello community,

after 3 day reading envato forum I don’t found answer for my question and all Info links are broken.

How to see Sales from my Google Ads in Google Analytics.

I have added Google Analytics in Profile, I have connected Google Ads + Analytics + eCommerce.
I can see in Analytics eCommerce all my sales from ThemeForest but I don’t can see if somebody have Buy Item from my Google Ads. We have over 500 Clicks on Ads.

Can anyone answer if this is posible or not?
If yes, how can i track all my sales from Google Ads.

Thank you very much for every single response.

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I have also tried to do this, but it seemed to be pretty complicated, so I didn’t manage to implement it. I think this is way too hard, and I have complained about it before.

I know there was a blog post somehwere explaining how it could be done, but I can’t find it anymore :frowning: