How to add different dimensions?

Guys i have no idea why i can’t add multi dimensions? I even followed the instruction guide but it seems still has an error!temp

I assume you can only put one dimension in the field.

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yes besides this is something that i have always been not feeling ok about … let’s face it current dimensions have to be put only in inches when a good deal of the world is not using it … so at least being able to put two references would be welcome … some people in europe do not even know how much is a inch …

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actually my problem is not about how to put inch or pixel, is how to fill this section with multiple sizes

lol thank u very much i am not that dumb, i could understand lol though to have a solution it takes to have one lol and i am suspecting that there is none , at least for i know … but i think the form is just not made for this unfortunately …