How to add alt text to images on homepage in Woffice theme

Using Woffice theme on, we have a section of logos towards the bottom of the homepage. How do we get the alt text to show for those logos? I’ve edited the images to include both alt text and description but nothing is showing on the homepage.


I am not sure but just a little try from my side. Please go to wo-admin Dashboard then Media there you will find the images you concern here. Go to edit those images and add Alternative Text. Hope this will work for you.


Yes, I’ve added the alt text and description there to the media file. However, it’s not being pulled in the code that shows those images on the front page. I’m not sure what I need to edit in order to get that code to make the call for the alt text.

just my opinion you can create a new block again just bellow the current one to check it will work or not. If you can manage then you can remove extra block. Otherwise you can contact theme Author or hire a freelancer. Thanks