How to Add Affiliate Link on Theme forest Particular Product

I’ve been promoting ThemeForest products, but a couple of months I can’t get any sell. So, Recently, I checked my affiliate link is fine or not, then I can’t see my affiliate link inside theme forest account page.

But, I know all about the newest version of theme forest affiliate page, I already made the account on it, but I can’t understand How to Add affiliate link to a selected product which I will promote.

So, Please tell Me.

you can check this video to get an idea how to create affiliate link:

I’ve watched the video and also follow it, but I can’t do that perfect. Once I select a Product and then I’ve used Envo Affiliate Link Creator tools to generate the Affiliate Link. Then I’ve tried to open product using affiliate link I can’t see the particular product.

I’ve seen the Error Message such as " The link you clicked on is malformed. Contact the editor of the originating page. "

So, Please tell me I’m waiting

you can check back later also acn try with another browser.
you can check this:

Hi Can I use any WordPress Plugin.

Once more thing is inside the video I’ve see Dropdown Menu to select the particular Brand, but Inside my Account, I can’t see any Dropdown menu, I’ve seen link input field inside the input link field I’ve posted the product link and generate it. I’ve seen problem.

this is because your account is only for promoting envato market items. Just make sure you can see there as like this: Use this link to promote Envato Market
and your link start like this:

If you have still any query then you should to contact envato support. they can help you.

Okay Thanks

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If you know your Impact ID you can also use this generator for Envato Market products (not for elements):

Impacts limits the number of links you’re allowed to create (I think to a couple thousand?), but this generator lets you create as many as you need along with helpful sub IDs for tracking.

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