How to activate my license on production server?


I bought the Healthlex theme and installed it on my local machine.

I typically develop my apps on my local machine and once I am happy, I deploy to the server.

I just deployed my healthflex wordpress web app to the production site and you can view it here:

As yo can see from the link, the page is blank.

When I switch to another theme, it is displayed.

My conclusion is that this is a licensing issue.

How do I de-activate the license on my local box and activate it on production site?

Thanks for your prompt response

Hello :slight_smile:

Here is the support information for the author of that theme -

Hope that helps!


It is not problem with license. Problem is somewhere else. You can upload and activate template. In worst case you will not get updates from template but template will be visible.
If you see it on your local machine you will see and on server. This is problem maybe from installation , domain etc.