How to activate "Coming soon" page?

I have to shut down my webshop for a while, and want to activate the “Coming soon” page that I had way back when I started it. But now I can’t remember how to activate it! Can anyone remind me? I have a (not very updated) version of Atelier. Thanks in advance!

I don’t know anything about Atelier, but one of the default web page names for a home page on most web servers is index.html - back up your current home page to another name and change the Coming Soon page name to that. Does that answer your question?

It’s probably a theme option but if not just install any of the numerous free coming soon/maintenance plugins like

BACK UP The site first.

Thank you both! However, I am having a bit of trouble with the backup, and am looking for the theme option which I remember as just ticking a box.
Earlier, this forum had a place where we could ask the theme developers, do you know if that option still exists?

That option would never have been in these forums.

You could try the item comments but almost certainly they will say that you need to update first etc.