How this is trending ?

Why This item is trending ?


because that item has good amount of views. which means users are interested in this product.

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But it looks like the trending logo is placed by the author…

Pretty sure it’s legit:



Sales, comments, views, being added to a collection or favourites… nobody knows the exact secret recipe for trending. Isn’t just sales though.


Ah right, now that DOES look legit.
The pic in the first post has the trending logo placed on top of the logo like someone edited that in, while it should be on the upper left corner.

I stand corrected, cheers @charlie4282

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I’m not agree with you @RobertSlump . Hope Envato reviewer team checked that on review time.They didn’t allow that.

It is in the upper left corner on both, but the exact location varies whether you’re in grid view (the first image) or list view (the second image).

It most definitely wouldn’t be allowed for an author to add the trending image to their thumbnail.

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As far as know, it’s about the item page view