How this be psd template?

This is not good at all. With all due respect but it looks like you’ve just started to learn web design. You need years of practice to become any good. Until then, don’t waste your time here on forums. Use the internet to search for inspiration, web design tutorials, etc.

The best thing you can do with this design is to save it somewhere and look at it after a year or so of practice to see how much progress you did.

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But i dont know english lesson usually english so i dont understand i think i can web desing i self trust you can give me diffrent suggestion?

Simple: why bad? How i can more good do template?

Then try to find tutorials in your language. If there are none, then you will have to learn English (which you should learn anyway if you want to make business on global marketplace like Envato).

Simple: you need years of practice.

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I have tried no longer better theme if finish i will gone share. For learn english i will working thanks for turn me and help me.