How these colors seem to your eyes?

I would want advice from you. I’m creating Instagram stories. But not sure about color palette. I matched the some colors from sites like

But not sure yet if this seems ok or not?

How you see it?

It seems to me “SUMMER COLLECTION” shouldn’t be white.

Any advice is appreciated.

Does not look pleasing to me. Either the cloths need to be more reddish or the sky more blueish and less greenish.

Right now this hits the spot of “not quite right” to my eyes.

Do you think problem is in the image but not in the texts and element’s color?

Only element color is the yellow button, that doesn’t work with the cyan sky as well.

White is neutral and no problem to my eyes. I would think white text in the button is better than black text, though.

Appreciate it.

But this ‘yellow button’ with ‘cyan sky’ doesn’t match like Teal and Orange"?

And how about this?

exactly, teal and orange, not teal and yellow.

I prefer it with more red in the orange, this is somewhat subjective and not exact color science. The 100% complementary colors don’t always match as good imo, even though the math would hint to it.

In your second example I like the picture more, but the button I would shift a bit more to the blue side. Too greenish. Just a bit.

totally agree with that.

Yes will experimenting. Is there any source to learn about these color matches? Or it is all about eye experience?

There are a lot of ressources available, and pre-made color palettes according to the theories and science available. But not all of those pre-made color palettes look pleasing to me, so I guess this comes down to experience and (even more) personal taste.

I would use tools like Adobe Kuler, you mentioned in your initial post which seems to do the same thing, and just go for something that you think is good.

Just be open to change colors, cause what looks good in a pallete may not look good in your design.

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