how themeforest can see that I am using there theme on multiple domains?

Hello I am new here.

I want know that how will themeforest can see I am using there themes on multiple domains. One of my friend was saying that he can give me any themeforest theme for free is it safe.

  • It’s not safe

  • It is a breach of licenses and illegal and could create quite serious issues for your site

For obvious reasons envato will not publicly share how they monitor theme or other file use

At an absolute basic level almost all themes need purchase codes to activate theme features and plugins, and which will realise it’s already in use

Besides, unless your friend had an original download of the tens of thousands of “any themeforest theme” then they could not even try to do this which should tell you something about how much they actually understand about what they are talking about.

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  1. You need to purchase a license for each time you install a theme on a unique website.

Plus Protecting Your Copyright – Envato Author Help Center

There are many ways. And no, stealing themes is never safe.

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