How the refunds work?

A user that purchased my product doesn’t know where to find the envato purchase ID and requested a refund because “author didn’t answer where to find the ID” and envato happily gave him refund.

Okay, so the “included support” now includes that we have to educate users on how what works on envato, or what?

I don’t see a valid reason here.
Looking for answer from someone from the envato staff.
Thanks in advance. Cheers!


Not enough info to go on…

  1. Did you answer where to find the ID?
  2. If so, how long after he asked?
  3. If not, why not?

It’s not really something they should be asking… it’s not that hard to find, But if somebody is unable to use your item because they can’t find the purchase ID, they’ve asked you where to find it, and you’ve not got back to them in a ‘reasonable’ timescale… then that item is not much use to the buyer. If you did get back to them in a reasonable timescale then I guess that’s a different matter.

Another case: