How the Envato Team evaluate the price of an item ?


I’m wondering how the envato team evaluate the price of an item ?

Sometimes, I see really simple items at a price 10$ and complex items at the same price. It is not fair for developers who spend weeks and months to develop their items.

Can you please explain how it works and why there a so small difference of price between simple and complex items ?

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As far as I’m aware you can price your own items now?

Exactly that - authors sometimes set prices higher/lower depending on what they are trying to achieve

Most likely based on the product category the item has been submitted to where the reviewer has a min and max threshold. So most certainly the true value of the item is not taken into account. Unfortunately the true costs are known only to the author as they alone know what their investment is and how to recoup said investment.

Discussion is rendered useless however as things have changed now and you can set your own price as pointed out :stuck_out_tongue: