How standalone applications should work with new Envato API?



I’am working on a WP plugin for our team. So, with old API I got token once and then used it for a while. For now I have only two hours(get code -> get token -> get new token with refresh token -> end) to work with API and then I need to re-login?
How I can lifetime access to account through API?

Envato team, are you think this is a better than old API? :rage:



It can be that I am getting you wrong but I think you are looking for a personal token, you can create one here:

Hope this will help you out :slight_smile:


As I know, personal token can be used only to retrieve public data from markets. But I need to work with sales information. For this I should use OAuth authentication which allows me to work up to two hours with one login. This is too short interval for me.