How some authors managed to get approval for the same simple product again and again?

I accidently deleted the post so posting it again.

I saw some authors managed to get the approval for almost same product again and again. I used to believe that review process is hard on Graphic River and its not easy to get approval for simple products. I also got rejections for some of the unique items so its hard to believe that it is happening here. Simple plain items without any uniqueness are getting approval and that too many times. There are some authors who upload almost the same item again and again and they are getting the approvals also.

It mostly has to do with marketability, if the item is something that could attract a lot of potential buyers, then it will likely be accepted. There’s certain items and types of items that are used a lot, so if you can figure out what those are you’ll have more items approved. Something that is also important are having lots of options for buyers, for example, maybe someone wants an illustration of some fruit, and they can find that pretty quickly, but they want some of the fruit to be in different positions, so the author uploads 20 different illustrations of the same fruit in different positions so that the buyers have plenty to pick from instead of moving on to someone elses items.

I know what you mean though, I personally don’t like do things that way, I’d rather just put them all into one pack, but then again, some buyers might not want more than the single illustration that made them want to buy the item, so having them all separate for a cheaper price is better for the buyer.

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