how should wp sticky posts be displayed?

depending on wp documentation sticky posts should be placed at the top of the page. but when i loocked at 2020 theme styling its not following this rule also astra free theme?

i read that envato market require the styling and displaying of sticky posts. is they require to place them at the top of the page or just make in any other way ?

thank you

What do you mean that those themes do not follow this rule? Sticky post gets automatically placed as the first post, this has nothing to do with styling, that’s how WP works internally. It’s done automatically, without you doing anything in the code.

As for the requirements, you need to do some styling to such post to make it more distinctive. It is totally up to you how you do that as long as it will fit the design. Maybe add an icon to it, or border around it, or different background. Anything which makes it stand out a bit.

it was a missunderstandig so i thought that those themes don’t follow the sticky post rules. i thought the meaning of sticky is to be litteraly sticky on the layout

thank you for clarifications

Right, that’s not what sticky means. You should edit the post and change it to sticky to test it.

(I’ve removed that example from your post to prevent confusion to other people)

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