How should i proceed with a scammer type on Code Canyon? (deets inside)

ok here’s the deal, admittedly im a noob, not a super noob, but a noob none the less, i came onto code canyon looking for a specific type of app, and i found something that was close to what i had planned in my original sketch ups, and would get help modifying it later once i had a usable app.

i contacted this one specific dev, whom i spent multiple days discussing options, and costs and my experience with ionic and HTML and what not. i was very clear to him what i needed, and what was expected of him. everything was kosher and i was down for this exciting little venture. i should note i paid the original fee for the app template, than i paid him again for the time he spent while trying to help me install it.

i went to purchase the app and he told me to send him money through paypal instead of going through the code canyon website, ( should have been my first red flag). of course he re assured me over and over that this was just how “he” did business and its nothing to worry about. He had also approached me to start using my home address (i live in canada) i could “work” for them and they could get into the north american market…

things started happening he worked via to help me get all the dependencies installed and than there were a couple issues with his actual code to which he fixed. about 2 weeks later ( also not 2 weeks of solid working it was like a half hour here and there) time difference is literally 11:30 hours which made things a touch challenging but we powered through none the less.

everything was great. i was able to build the first portion of the app no problem than went into change all of the pngs, that he told me about went to compile with the commands that he told me to use. except this time it failed compiling. instantly i figured it was something i did. so i reverted back to the backup that i did, and tried to recompile, and it would still fail. than i started to googe issues on stack but was very quickly drowning. ( this is where my noobness kicks me in the butt)

so i tried to talk to the dev, and hes pretty much ghosted me at this point. i tried multiple different times, i have been patient i have been understanding, lots of times he traveled with out his laptop, he was very ill with a fever, it was a celebration week or something… always excuses.

So now im with a partially finished app and no support. i haven’t yet contacted Envato about this guy, i do how ever feel that hes a “scammer” type from a land that’s known for their “scammer types”.

i understand business is business some times but my issue, is that ive paid for something that i most certainly cannot use yet, as there’s still a couple issues that i need help with getting them to work.

how do you think i should proceed?

on a side note if some one is reading this and can help me, i dont mind paying you for your time, i just need these last couple issues rectified and it should be gtg

It sounds awful and you should definitely let envato know - esp about the author encouraging people to pay “off-network” (assuming that was for just the item rather than the rest of the work).

However, unfortunately envato won’t be able to get involved or help with matters agreed privately or outside of the marketplaces.

If you need to try to find someone else to help then we’d suggest where you will have at least some level of official support and control.

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