How set the default Language(forever) on Envato Elements Website?

Hi everyone I would like to know how to define the main language when using the Envato Elements home page, I understand that the language is automatically chosen based on the IP of the country of origin, but I would like to have control and define it in the language of my choice and not change it every time I enter again, is that possible?


You can try in this way:
please go to at very bottom of the page in right side after the social media icons there you will find a dropdown to change language. click on that dropdown and select langauage as you like.


thanks and yes I know the function, what I want is to select it forever and not every time I come back to the page.

I am not sure but I think if you change the language and continue browsing then the language should to set as defaut in your browser and this language set will work untill you will not reset the cache/cookies.