How? (rejection feedback)

that bad to be rejected? :open_mouth:

what is wrong? (composition or production quality)

sc link include 4 short versions (FULL + 0:60 0:30, 0:30_var2, 0:15)


Wow, this track is perfect. Unfortunately too artistic and subtle for this market, but you should upload it in other market, your work is really really great !!!

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Thank you, such words always motivate. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do not be demotivated, it is not a problem of quality of composition or other. I’ll see this music in a lot of video for TV or for commercials. I really love what you composed, very artistic. I am pleasantly surprised

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It’s remember me some Rocket League Sound Track too !

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Wow…;!!! Such a good track!! How? Why? I have no clue… but thanks for sharing, I enjoyed every second of it!! :smiley:


:wink: Thank you

I thought that this song would fit very well some kind of time-lapse video, product promotion (smartphone, gadgets etc), science events and so on.

maybe i need to try upload this somewhere else

Cool, very good and refreshing.

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very cool track

don’t be motivated, i’m trying to upload a track here since last summer :smile::smile::smile::smile:


Can also add that I really enjoyed the track and that I would definitely find uses for it, since it’s so good!! Maybe envato just didn’t think the mood would fit their library or god knows even… don’t give up and upload it somewhere else! You did a great job :grin:


Wow, mate! Really beautiful track! Fell in love with those wobbling chords. Hard to find a reason for a hard rejection except the reviewers consider it doesn’t fit Audiojungle’s commercial profile. Definitely worth uploading it to other libraries.

Perhaps the endings are just a little bit abrupt? Did you uploaded it to Drum and Bass? Perhaps you can try submitting it to Abstract?

Anyway, congrats on such a great track!

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Really cool track! Maybe the glides in the first part could have balanced the decision towards rejection. I’d also cut the lows a little bit more and make it more airy/more suitable for stock ( I like this track as it is don’t get me wrong) great track!

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@WormwoodMusic Thank you very much for your feedback, I’m glad you liked the song, as for the category, I put it in the drum and bass (I wanted to build a small catalog of 4 songs from this genre but the second song is rejected here… and it is to risky to continue composing this type of music for this platform).

By the way I will try put it in the abstract category.

Ending is adjusted for use under time lapse video, with gradual instrumental sections descent, but probably you’re right, its always more secure to use a universal “corporate reverse tail reverb” transition :joy:.

Thank you again.


Thank you for the feedback, you could specify the phrase “slides” (can you specify from when to when it is occur (in sec) I could understand more about what you mean :wink:)

As for the mix / master, I usually keep standard spectrum balance in stock songs, I wanted leave this “warm” feeling sitting in low frequencies. (little experiment)

My studio monitors can go only above 43hz, so I always limit the 40hz with dynamic equalizer for safety, removing excess frequency.

(It may seem like bass is too much here, but as I said, I did not want the song to lose its depth, also comparing track with referance not chaning too much)

On the subject of “airy” I would honestly say I was overreacting with exciter :laughing:, master was saturated a lot.

The track was practically not compressed, I am very happy that no one considered it as a mistake.


Thank you


You have to have patience, sometimes much more than you will think you must have. :smiley:


Thank you, the opinion from the “neighbor” quite like “the buyer’s image”

Good luck on VideoHive, I checked your projects, very high level. Good luck

I am using google translator, there may be some errors :grinning:


EQ + Compression + mastering are missing

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But the track is very nice

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If the uploader used Drum and Bass while it was a nice track, and the reviewer rejected it because it should be in Ambient then the reviewer should be fired!

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oh! I have read somewhere that curators love compressed tracks… maybe this could fix the problem?


Definitely. But things are so wacky these days that who knows.


Thank you guys for your responses :+1:

The song has been mastered without compression, because I thought it would be better for this liquid genre. Maybe this is main problem about rejection, but to my ears it is sounds good anyway, compression is not always needed i think.


I tried to add compression from my favorite OTT and SSL compressor, I thought that the difference is not significant, and if we are not sure about any changes we do not do it, in this way, even I work.

I usually use compression on the master when some elements in the mix are ​​not good balanced or I have too large PLR dynamics range between the different sections of the arrangement (or if the drums stick too much from the rest instrumental peak level).

There was no need here i think, 2 people mentioned lack of compression, the rest did not consider it a problem, but I will take it as an future improvement.

@Pandocrator I have, however, a deep hope that the reason was different, and the works of other authors, if they do not fit into the category indicated, are transferred by the reviewer to the other category, without hard rejecting good tracks … :confused: