How ok is it to use non-original but licensed content for clients?

I recently stumbled on Envato Elements’ website. For those unaware, they give you access to a huge library of content for a monthly fee. You get access to fonts, mockups, templates, wordpress themes etc…

It looked really appealing to me, considering how much time it could save you to have everything in the same place and ready to use.

But then I started asking myself if it was really ok to use that in all cases. Let’s say I have a client asking for a poster announcing a big event, like a concert. I could find a great (yes, most of them are really good) template on Envato, do minor changes in less than an hour, and have a high quality poster ready to go.

It’s perfectly legit as long as you follow license T&Cs and limitations . It’s a major part of what elements and other envato sites are for.

You would probably be wise to tell the client that you are using stock assets and charge accordingly - if you don’t and they were to find out then that could reflect badly