how my project is rejected

Soft rejected --> Thank you for your submission.

  1. CSS TABLE OF CONTENTS: Make sure the CSS file is well documented with proper table of contents. For more information, see:

I solved the above problem and sent it again and after 8 minute hard red about quality was given

Edit: problems will be corrected and design changes will be made and sent again thank you.

Hi there, I didn’t know they could throw a hard reject after a soft reject. Seems like a reviewer team manager decision maybe ?

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all the time is gone :confused:

It’s possible that it was a different reviewer or that they wanted thi foxes before reviewing the item fully.

With respect this is far too simple for that category now and you will need to come up with something more original, premium and will notably more creative or practical features.

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Thank you for your valuable comment. I think the design is simple, clean and useful, I uploaded it with about 65 people’s opinion, but the result was rejected. I think design is different than other designs.

As I am only on mobile I may be missing something but it looks like a countdown, subscribe form and various background options?

Is there something else?

Nothing else :frowning:

Unfortunately there are tons of free things like that and stuff for sale here needs to offer premium value

If you look at new coming soon templates they often have clever creative styling and lots of other features, sections etc.

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Projects with the same kind of animations already have envato, but only design changes are made, but I think that my design is as good as others, and I do not really understand the quality problem after the first rejection. I hope the support request is answered positively.

That’s the problem - it’s no good being the same as others already for sale - you need o bring something new otherwise your chances drop due to saturation on the market.

Also looking now on a laptop:


I will make the necessary arrangements thank you