How much to compress a songs for master? - Quality Standard - Loudness War

Hi there, I’ve submitted songs to audio jungle and I’ve recieved rejections on previous submissions. i’ve been rejected again on a track based on the “Quality Standard”.

Audio Jugle don’t explain what the problem is but I wonder if it is to do with my mastering. I master tracks to completet with commercial songs but sometimes I question if i need to be compeing in the Loudness War and instead back off from the limiter so the tracks can breathe more and have better dynamics.

Do tracks need to be as loud as they can possibly be on Audio Jungle if they are used in Film and Television?



There are no rules here. it should sound interesting and pleasant.

It seems to me that it’s not just the volume of the track. You put too much value into the word “mastering”. This is not a magic button, pushing which track sounds louder, more powerful, etc. If the track before the mastering phase sounds bad, then mastering does not improve the situation. Bringing the track to the “commercial” level of loudness is not twisting the knobs of the maximizer despite all the laws of common sense. Concentrate more on the quality of the sample libraries you use and the balance. Top tracks are sometimes not at all ideal for mixing and mastering, but they are sold thousands of times, because they have the mood, emotions and flexibility.

I’m also sitting here and thinking how to apply the maximizer here? and which one? that is the question…