How much time to learn WP Plugin ?

Hello Greetings of the day to All My Respected Senior Authors & Moderators,

I have been doing php(pdo advance) code for 7 years, But now I want to learn WP Plugin not Theme only Plugin.

  1. How much time to learn to make WP Plugins ( I am very comfortable with PHP-PDO) ?
  2. Where to find good resource and tutorial or youtube link, Please Share.


Still waiting for someone will reply this thread
Please I need some realistic info or motivation specially from @FWDesign i am big fan of yours and really get motivation from your inspired story.
Also want some reply or suggestions from @baileyherbert @mgscoder @Kithemes and all moderator

Hard to tell how much it will take to develop a plugin it depends on what you want to create.

My advice is to get an idea about the plugin that you want to develop and start working on it, during the developmnet preocess you will encounter issues and you will be able to focus on them and learn while you go…

Another important aspect, try to create a plugin with an original concept, do not copy what is already made.

The secret behind this is to love what you do, if you are passionate about your code and willing to put the effort behind it you will do great! , there is no magic way to do this just hard work and passion.

Good luck. Tibi - FWD.

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Thanks @FWDesign, love to see you replied :slight_smile: , Yes you are right there is no magic for developers in any field .
Is there any resource or tutorial for WP Plugin ?

I will be glad if you share your Initial Process for learning WP Plugin starting days in PM or here.

I am not a genius coder to give you advice. How much time will take to learn a WP Plugin creation it depends on coder’s depth of knowledge and their basic about wordpress.

You can check this following link to know the requirements.

WordPress Plugin Requirements:

and to know about coding style you can learn from here:

You can use the search options at top.

Best of Luck!

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This guy has some really good tutorials , I’ve done his tutorial on building a WordPress theme before I starte working on my first theme, it helped a lot!

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Thank you so much for your reply :slight_smile: , You don’t believe right now I am watching his tutorial and you shared the same link. :smile: :smile:

I wish you all the best for seeing you very soon in Power Elite Author Club :heart:
Thanks Mate

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It’s a sign :slight_smile:

Good luck in your jurney here on Envato!

Tibi - FWD.

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